EU - Subsidies

EU IllustrationWhile the new member states of the EU already receive implemented subsidy programs in the course of the Structural Funds of the European Union, the accession countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are currently applying for the pre-membership programs PHARE, SAPARD and ISPA. For the core countries on the Balkans, Serbia & Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the subsidy programs of the EU are yet a matter of negotiation.

Agricultural holdings and food processing companies in the Accession Countries are now able to apply for financial subsidies in the frame of the EU-program for the realisation of eligible projects. The AAC - Austrian Agricultural Cluster is able to assist companies in this matter.

How can we effort this: The AAC - Austrian Agricultural Cluster provides specialised services to support the restructuring process of the agribusiness in the Accession Countries by offering all-in solutions through the food chain.

Thereby we assist agricultural holdings and food processing companies in the development, application and realisation of EU-program projects by offering the following services:

  • Assistance in project development and application of EU-program projects
  • Consulting to reach essential European Union standards of Eu-program projects
  • Elaboration of required feasibility studies and business plans
  • Supply of scientific know-how and latest technologies of Austrian companies
  • Consulting and provision of tailor-made financing within the international network of the Raiffeisen banks