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Weizenfeld bei sonnigem Tag

Therefore the customer benefits!

The AAC - Austrian Agricultural Cluster is an agrarian network of innovative austrian enterprises who are in foreign trade for many years been successful.

By linking various specialized companies from all sectors of the agricultural and food sector, the AAC is in a position to offer integrated solutions for businesses of any size.

Edith Klauser

Foreword DI Edith Klauser, Head of Department Agriculture and Nutrition

Agriculture will play a crucial role in the EU 2020 Strategy also in the future.The Austrian way of a multifunctional, regional and sustainable agriculture has proved successful and is creating great opportunities for our domestic enterprises to position themselves in new markets. The Department III, "Agriculture and Nutrition", of the Austrian Ministry of Life covers all important sectors of agricultural production.

Anton Wagner

Foreword of President Anton Wagner

The Austrian Agricultural Cluster (AAC) was found in 1988 within the framework of an export promotion program and was co-financed by the Ministry ofAgriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The Federal Chamber of Commerce was very much engaged to support the Cluster during its start-up period.